This free mini guide for veterinarians highlights the importance of career progression to help you unlock your potential giving you the  next steps to a dream job.


As a  small token of appreciation I wanted to share with you my mini guide to working in clinical practice. 


I speak with vets everyday and they tell me they don’t know what is the next step in their career.


So I asked my fellow vets to create just that a clearly laid out plan for career progression and I want to share it with you.

This free mini guide highlights the importance of career progression to help you unlock your potential giving you the  next steps to a dream job.

We even  listed salaries in the  guide to help you,as the average vet is being paid £47.446 in the UK according to Indeed survey from April 2022.!


I help overworked vets find a work-life balance that is rewarding both in career development and financially. Sharing opportunities to continue building on your hard-won skills in a new position.

The UK has a deficit  of vets, most of you are working long unsociable hours with little or no life left at the end of every day.

If you would like to change the way you work?

If you are still passionate about the possibilities in clinical practice?

Then here is what I can help you achieve:

Tailor a position based on the hours and rota that works for you and your family

Bring you the next career step.

Increase your salary.

All of the above are being achieved by the vets that I have worked with. I hope I can help you too! 🤗