Candidate Services


Start your career planning off right by telling us your career goals. If you are a veterinary clinician and are serious about advancing your career, we want to know about your career goals. You don’t have to be actively looking for a new position today. If we are not aware of you and your career goals, you could be missing out on key opportunities to move your career forward to the next level. We don’t know many people who would not want to be aware of career advancement opportunities so make sure we are aware of you and your career goals so that we can consider your qualifications for our current and future opportunities.

Vets2Vets recruitment receives new and interesting job opportunities on an almost daily basis. Some of these job opportunities are part of what we call “the hidden job market” and are not advertised on online job boards so the only way you would hear about them is through us.

Making a career change is a personal issue that affects your whole life. If we feel we can help you, we spend time getting to know you, your needs, and your goals. As you develop a relationship with a recruiter, you will have confidence in his or her ability to represent you to potential employers.

Our business is making the best match between candidates and employers. We have helped hundreds of professionals within clinical Veterinary careers.

Tell us about you and your career goals and we will let you know if we come across a great job opportunity for you. We may at some point have the ideal situation for you, whether it is next week or next year.


Please understand we may only be able to help you if you have experience related to the positions for which you are inquiring. We receive a large volume of CV’s which we evaluate and respond to. Each CV is reviewed and evaluated in terms of the specific position applied for and in terms of place ability with current and future practices.

Your CV and initial call will be evaluated. If we are unable to consider you for present searches that match your experience, location, and salary requirements, your CV will be entered into our database for future positions.


Why use a recruiter?


How can working with a recruiter benefit me? A recruiter can help boost your career potential. Recruiters do more than find good jobs. They also provide career advice. During this Internet era with thousands of job boards and online recruiting sites, the idea of working with a recruiter may seem unneeded, however, nothing could be further from the truth.

Candidates who use the services of a professional recruiter have the inside scoop about the company, the position and the intangible factors that the hiring managers would like to see in a candidate. Recruiter-presented candidates are also better prepared for job interviews which puts them at an advantage over candidates who are not working through the recruiter.

Recruiters have access to jobs not advertised on the Internet or elsewhere.

Recruiters provide FREE  career guidance and interview advice.

What can a recruiter do for me?


It can help broaden the scope of your job search. They provide you with access to new career opportunities you wouldn’t have on your own. Practices love the expertise a recruiter brings to the process. Many practices don’t advertise job openings because they don’t want to sort through hundreds of CVs.

Recruiters also handle confidential searches that they would not post publicly. A recruiter can save you time by eliminating unsuitable jobs that don’t match your qualifications or career goals.

A recruiter will help you with interview preparation. You will learn who will conduct the interview, as well as obtain insight into personalities and what areas of your experience you should highlight or avoid discussing during the interview.

Most people can obtain information about the company beforehand, but our recruiter has details about why the position is open, or what happened to the individual who formerly had the position. Our recruiter will be able to provide you with information you couldn’t obtain elsewhere.

Once a recruiter has identified a good candidate, they will coach their candidate throughout the job search process. Recruiters also assist in negotiating salaries with employers. This allows the interactions with the employer to focus on you and the value and you bring to the table. The recruiter negotiates on your behalf during salary discussions. Even though the employer pays the recruiter’s fee, it is in the recruiter’s best interest to make sure you obtain a great salary and compensation

What Can You Expect from us:

• We will not waste your time

• 100% confidential

• Strive to be the best listener in your life — your sounding board

• Provide you with options and opportunities

• We place you first

• Take time to understand your challenges and problems in your everyday life

• We will keep you informed constantly about and through the process

• Present the best clinical positions in the market, not the best job in our database

• Commit to providing you with results and thorough feedback within 48hours

• Get you interview-ready

• Maintain the highest level of integrity, honesty, and ethics

• We will negotiate your pay and bonus package

• Treat you and your needs as a top priority package that you deserve.

We are specialists in clinical veterinary recruitment!


You have a much better chance of being placed in the position you desire by working with a recruiter in your field.

We specialise in the clinical veterinary field.

We have our own in-house clinical vet -18 years of experience in a clinical environment.

Our service is free to candidates.