5 Top Tips for Growing Your Veterinary Career in 2021

By Joleen Little BVSc MRCVS

The employment marketplace has changed quite a bit during the last several years and of course, COVID-19 has helped accelerate these changes since it arrived on the scene last year.

So, it makes sense that you, as a professional in the Veterinary industry, might be uncertain as to what the best practices are in this job market.

What things should you be doing? What things should you not be doing? It can be difficult to navigate the marketplace when it seems like circumstances and situations are constantly in flux.


Tips for excelling in your career this year

1—Make self-awareness a top priority.

It’s more vital than ever to be self-aware, and there are two main reasons for this.

First, when you’re self-aware, you’re better able to articulate the value that you can bring to a practice.

Second, people who are self-aware are more likely to be considered for management positions and also more likely to thrive as a leader.

Regardless of what has happened in the past, make it a goal to increase your level of self-awareness in all areas. You need to know as much about yourself as you possibly can if you’re going to essentially “sell” yourself as an employee or a job candidate in 2021.

2—Acknowledge that you are ultimately responsible for your performance.

Yes, you may have a supervisor or a manager. However, they are not your career coach. They are there to provide guidance and suggestions, yes, but they are not there to make sure that you reach your full potential as an employee and as a professional. That job is yours and yours alone.

3—Find your purpose and use it as fuel.

Burnout is a real phenomenon within the Veterinary profession. This is especially the case now, since the pandemic is creating more stress for everyone, including the pet owners with whom many of you may find are becoming increasingly demanding of your time.

Revisit the reasons why you chose this profession and why it brings you professional satisfaction, and you will find that those reasons will give you the fuel you need to keep growing your Veterinary career.

4—Be proactive and create opportunities.

Big opportunities, the very best ones, rarely “knock on your door.” Instead, you have to be proactive and seek them out. At the very least, you have to be ready and prepared for the moment you come across one, and you should absolutely be open to considering one in that rare instance when one is presented to you.

Remember that just because you have an opportunity does not necessarily mean you have to take it. However, when you reach the point that you have created multiple opportunities for yourself, you’ll have more leverage and you’ll be in a great position to grow your Veterinary career the way that you want to.

5—Failure is not fatal; instead, it is necessary.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, to the point where you hardly take any risks at all. When you make a mistake (and you will), don’t let it get you down but instead commit yourself to learning from the mistake in the interest of improvement.

I’ve failed at times, and I used those failures to chart the course that brought me to this point in my career.  I can thank some of those past failures for the success that I’ve enjoyed in my life.


Finally – don’t be intimidated by circumstances. Instead, be bold, be proactive, and take control of your career this year!

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