Questions you might want answered!

By Joleen Little BVSc MRCVS

Here is a checklist of questions you should have answers to help you make that all important decision

  • What are the expected working hours?
  • What rota system does the practice operate? If a one-in-four, does that mean one-in-four first on call; if so, how often on second?
  • How far ahead is the rota organised, is there a written version and how easy is it to change duties if, for example, a wedding arises?
  • Are bank holidays equally shared, and what does that mean in real terms during a year?
  • What level of assistance can the support staff give?
  • Who will be there during normal and abnormal working hours to assist?
  • Is there a lunch hour?
  • What holidays are offered, and are there restrictions on when they can be taken?
  • How is study leave organised and when can it be taken?
  • Are bonuses payable, and when?
  • Is there an after-hours service?
  • Is there a bonus on after-hours work?
  • Does the practice provide a mobile phone or do you use your own?
  • Is there an obligation to live-in or in close proximity to the premises?
  • What is the timing for appraisals and for salary reviews? (These will usually be in the first three months and thereafter every six to 12 months.)
  • Are there prospects for others and yourself to buy in?
  • How is the business organised with regard to a line of command and to whom will you be primarily responsible?
  • Will you be expected to perform any duties that may be more management oriented?
  • Is there a uniform or dress code?
  • Is there any provision for payment of RCVS retention fees or subscriptions to the BVA or any of its divisions?
  • Does the practice support CPD financially or in terms of time away from the practice?
  • Is there a locker or space provided to put your belongings while working?

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