Reaching for the stars

As one man famously said “ One small step for man….” and this is all you need to begin a new journey. Starting slowly is much more achievable ( in our own heads!) than taking that “One giant leap” into the unknown void. I know from experience that as a Veterinary profession we are perfectionists and a driven but humble lot. We often don’t believe we have the skill set to move onwards and upwards. Better the devil you know? Right?

The Veterinary Wellbeing Benchmark Report 2018 found that Veterinary teams suffer from an acute lack of belief compared to those in other sectors, including banking, the NHS, civil service and police.They also found that employees within the Veterinary sector were “quite cynical” when it came to the benefits of the development compared to colleagues in other sectors. The report was produced by Engage Coach International and the founder and psychologist Dr Jodi O’Dell said “with the right support and development opportunities, self confidence is something we can strengthen.” She also commented that “The Engage data shows that developing a more confident, open and motivated mindset is key to Veterinary Practice wellbeing. This is an important

consideration for those wanting to improve wellbeing, retention and profitability”

When we find ourselves searching blindly in the dark for a light to guide our way we often need to remember to switch on that light and let it help you find the right direction you should take.

Quite often we need someone to give us the motivation and guidance but we must believe they know our core values and what we ultimately want out of life in our work, rest and play! Here at Vets2vets Recruitment we pride ourselves in being that someone for you. Our mission statement reflects just that.

“Placing people first, giving them a vision and journey that makes them part of a bigger story. Creating a space to flourish and grow knowing ultimately that what they do makes a difference to this world.” Please click on this link to see what we can do for you in your search…..