As a coach, I use my training and 15 years of management and leadership experience to help and support people who are ready to transform their lives, one step at a time.

But how did I get here?
Having worked my way up to Managing Director of a publishing company responsible for a team of 30+ people, after almost 26 years I decided it was time for a change.
The first thing I did was work with a coach  – and that was a life changing decision.  As a business leader I’d focused on increasing happiness and reducing stress in the workplace, and my coach helped me rediscover what I loved doing and what I was truly great at: helping, motivating and inspiring my team to move forward.
It started to feel like the pieces of a puzzle coming together! So I trained with the IAWP and became a Certified Wellness Coach.
If you want a new perspective, a fresh pair of eyes, a confidential sounding board, someone to help you see the wood for the trees, someone you can talk openly to, someone who won’t judge you – book a call with me and let’s get you back on track.
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